Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Debrief

Jesus is ALIVE! And He was PRESENT at PCC TODAY!

I’m not sure words can describe how God has moved this weekend!

At least a dozen people committed to Jesus Christ today. More than that signed up for baptism!

Our attendance today was close to 800… about 20 less than last year. Here’s the best part – last year we mailed out 15,000 direct mail pieces to help with that attendance. This year we relied solely on word-of-mouth and did just as good. That’s amazing. It means our people love their church and can’t wait to get their friends and family members there! How good is that?

The house was packed today! In the first service people had to sit/stand along the back wall. The parking lot was as full as I have ever seen it.

One lady, who was visiting for the first time, told me she came after reading my blog. That's a first - read the pastors blog and then visit the church. She said something like "you tell it like it is and seem real."

The band nailed it today… with every song… especially the last song - One Life. A lot of people were really moved by it.

I think there were a couple of preachers in attendance with us today. I was hoping they would get saved… but they didn’t.

The devil tried to get me sidetracked this morning, but I didn’t let him do it. We are not ignorant of his devices. It must be a bummer (for him) to be on the side that loses in the end.

How about the kids that sang in service today? It was a thrill to witness that.

Wasn’t the video of testimonies great? I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to share their story. Especially Richelle W. who peeled back the layers and got down to the raw. She was honest and vulnerable, which totally authenticated her faith and validated her story.

The people at our church are the real deal.

I heard about serveral of our small group members getting together today after church to have dinner in their homes. That seems like real Christianity to me.

A special shout out to Gene T. who did the filming and Paul T. who edited the film and put in its final format. First class. A lot of people talked about the video and how it deeply moved them.

In fact, now that I think about it, the only thing in todays service that did not move anyone was my sermon.

I thought the song over the video was pretty cool too – “Say” – by John Mayer.

The volunteers at PCC leave me astonished. When I drove on to the campus this morning I was amazed how good the grounds looked – (our campus has got to be one of the most beautiful in the area). Sidewalk greeters were at their place, door greeters, hospitality, housekeeping, ushers, nursery workers, children’s teachers, sound & projection team, security personnel, etc. They are the hidden secret to PCC.

It took a lot of work and preparation to get ready for and pull off today’s services. And all these people never complain.

This was the least stressful Easter weekend we’ve ever had. Nice. Real nice.

It was great to be in the zone today.

I think today was a vision of what our future looks like.

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