Sunday, April 5, 2009

SNAC (Sunday Night After Church)

  • Interesting day.

  • Four of our scheduled singers called in sick. Yikes. To get a full grasp of what this means, you have to realize that we plan the Sunday service all week long. Then on Thursday Renae begins making the song selection. That selection is based, in part, on the singers she’ll have on stage that Sunday, knowing their abilities or limitations. Then the song selection is sent to the projection team so they can pull the songs and format them in an easy-to-follow manner for the song service. All of this has to take place WELL in advance of Sunday so that we are fully prepared for Sunday and can hit the ground running. Well this morning, we have four singers call in sick. That means just before service Renae was having to work the phone calling substitute singers, then select new songs based upon these new singers, and finally get them to the projection team. Needless to say, everyone was scrambling this morning just before service.

  • Music practice didn’t go so well. It was pretty rough.

  • Amazingly, the actual service did. In fact, I think we nailed it.

  • We received communion today. The ushers did an excellent job preparing the table and serving the congregation. Worked like clockwork.

  • I don’t know how it happened, but the song selection for communion was just perfect. And the interaction with the apostles creed, the blessing of Numbers 6, and the prayers of confession, were all seamless. The most amazing part? We didn’t plan it that way. It just happened.

  • What about the last song? It thundered with good theology and was very inspiring.

  • In the second service it got hold of everyone in such a way that they jumped to their feet spontaneously and were worshipping God with great zeal. Those people are really begining to come alive.

  • Attendance was good. I haven’t looked at the cards yet, but we had a large stack of them turned in today. They always contain good reports.

  • I enjoyed having communion on Palm Sunday…. and it was good to recognize the timeline of events. There was a moment when I felt like was I being projected into the actual events of 2000 years ago. It must have been a God moment.

  • If you would like to have a clearer picture of the timeline of Jesus’ final week, just read the blog post beneath this one.

  • I love Pace Community Church and the people in this family. I can remember the day when there were less than fifteen of us. I only dreamed…… and now God has proven Himself strong.

  • Okay. It’s 5:30 PM Sunday evening. I’m about to head back to church because we are having a band and music rehearsal in preparation for Easter Sunday. Yes, we sometime prepare that far in advance.

  • Next Sunday is going to be an amazing day. We’re going to be singing a couple of new songs, showing a video presentation of in-house testimonies, and celebrating the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. I believe that dozens of people will commit to Christ that day, and that 1000 people will experience the love of God.

  • For now, I’m headed back to church.

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