Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Musings

  • What did you think of the teenager who sang the solo part Sunday morning? All I can say is “wow!” Her name is Shelby and she did an outstanding job. One lady told Renae after service that when her husband heard Shelby sing he was moved to tears. Shelby has attended with us since the early days of Freedom Hall and we have watched her grow up and develop as a believer. Only recently did we discover her “sleeping” talent.

  • Yesterdays’ message was difficult for me. The text was challenging because it cuts against our Western sensibilities. Nevertheless, it was God’s Word and needed to be taught as such. I’m sure the content made some people bristle on the inside. But amazingly, I’ve received as much or more positive feedback from this message as I have any other. Go figure. I guess it underscores the point that God’s people (wheat) truly love His Word – even the difficult portions.

  • On the other hand, I love teaching God’s Word to “religious” folks because they need as much correction in their mindset as sinners and new converts do. Probably more. And there are plenty of them sitting in the congregation of PCC. Here in the South, religious church folk have made salvation more about appearances than anything else. Ugh. It is our behavior that needs to be changed.

  • At 1:00 AM this morning Panhandle Alarm calls our home notifying us that something is happening at the church. I’m thinking, “oh no, the a/c copper thief is back.” Renae and I get up and go out there to check it out. Found nothing. A false alarm I guess. Never a dull moment. One phone call can throw us into a tailspin.

  • I don’t twitter. Probably never will. If I did, my twitter updates would probably read like this: Just drank a glass of unsweetened tea……Just drank another glass of unsweetened tea……Just drank a Mountain Dew and experienced a caffeine spike! Pretty exciting, huh?

  • Renae and I are thinking about taking a trip to the new Bass Pro Shop near Mobile. We like the one in Destin but have not been to this new one.

  • I think our church grounds look amazing. Don’t you?

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