Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Danger Signs of Disloyalty

Disloyalty is a state of mind. Because we have the ability to decide what goes into our minds, we can reject the feelings of disloyalty. It simply requires that we continually purify our thoughts, our motives, and our attitudes by the Word of God.

Left unchecked, however, a spirit of disloyalty will take root in our hearts. As this root grows, it reveals itself through a number of obvious signs that can alert us to possibilities of future conflict.

One danger sign is that disloyal leaders will try to steal the hearts of the people. In 2 Samuel 15:2, Absalom stood in a convenient place to turn the hearts of the people against his father, the king. Absalom used his position of authority (and trust) to begin spreading seeds of disloyalty and speaking out publicly against David (v.4). He created a power base to support his future plans.

Another danger sign of disloyalty is self-promotion. It’s interesting to note that in order to ruin David’s reputation, Absalom was fixing the spotlight firmly on himself.

Driven by their own idea of justice, or retaliation, disloyal people intentionally defame people of importance who might stand in their way. They become wrapped up in their own sense of self-importance and enter into a self-promotion phase of disloyalty. Consumed by their own ambitions, they cannot see that is it GOD who promotes.

Another dangers sign of disloyalty is pride. Over and over again the Bible warns us of the dangers of pride, yet this is the very sin that will be the downfall of a disloyal person. Because of pride, an angel was turned into a devil (i.e., Lucifer became known as Satan) and it led to his ruin. Pride will cause a disloyal person to pursue personal ambitions regardless of the mission or vision of the church or the authority structure of the leadership team. It will cause a person to focus on one’s own plans – and ministry to the body will come in second.

Disloyal people think highly of themselves and are easily threatened or offended when their ideas are not used. When Absalom’s demand for justice was not carried out the way he thought it should have been, he believed he could govern the nation better than his father could. Because he was offended that his ideas were not used, he began to believe in his own abilities over the king, and it turned him into a rebel and a traitor.

God calls people to work together as a team. He calls churches to be unified in thought and purpose. Disunity is a sin and has no place in a New Testament church. Yet, disloyal people will operate independently. It the church goes this way, they will go that way. They operate outside the protocols. They will be detached and hover in the corners. They don’t want fellowship, will miss essential meetings, and separate themselves from the main life of the church body.

Always Be Watchful….

The danger signs of disloyalty are important to know and recognize – in yourself and in your leadership team. It’s important to watch for them and deal with them as soon as they are noticed. Left to grow, the spirit of disloyalty will only consume and destroy.

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