Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another E-mail We Received

About six months ago this military couple left our church and moved to California. They were such an asset to PCC while here, and we have missed them very much. We received an e-mail from Paige (her) last week. While in California they have visited a number of churches, even the nationally known ones. Here is an excerpt from her e-mail about their search for a new church home….

Oh, Renae, how I do miss you!!! I gotta say I'm frustrated trying to find a new church home. I knew PCC would be a tough act to follow, but we're running in to some major issues (in our opinions at least) that are still leaving us looking. We have been to 9 different churches since December. Several were one-Sunday visits that we instantly knew we'd never try again for whatever reason.

I know there is no such thing as the perfect church--Ronnie talked enough about that fact--I just hope I'm not asking for too much. All I want is a church that teaches the Word of God as it is written and intended (no sugar coating); one that is growing in numbers as well as maturity, not stagnant; one that has energy, is ALIVE and is excited to be doing the work of the Lord; one that expects involvement from it's members; and one that carries out the Great Commission. In almost 6 months of being here, we haven't found that place just yet.

So many times Daniel and I have talked about what a blessing PCC has been to us. We have grown leaps and bounds spiritually being connected to you guys. There are literally no words to tell you, Ronnie, or the rest of the church what an impact having a church home makes in a life. My life has been RADICALLY changed from membership of PCC and I am so grateful for it! However, it has made finding a new place harder because in our eyes no church compares to Pace and the leadership we had under Ronnie--not even nationally/world renowned Rick Warren. Not even close. We have been so blessed to have been exposed to God's Word through Ronnie for the two years or so we shared our life with you guys. Through PCC we have seen what church can be and what church should be. We will find a place over here in California, just pray for us when you think about us. We now have a hole in our hearts that can only be filled by the fellowship God's family provides (a hole we never knew existed before), and we are feeling the void oh so tangibly. You guys have got it right. Keep it up.

Our love and prayers from California!!!!

Paige, Daniel, and Armando

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