Friday, May 1, 2009

An Email I Received Today

Here is a copy of an e-mail we received today through our church website. I've dropped the last names to maintain privacy. Otherwise, this letter is exactly how I received it.

Please direct to Pastor Ron before Sunday: On April 26th my daughter and I visited your church with my brother, Leif, and our friend, Chris. I was excited to attend your service as Leif told me how much he has enjoyed attending and how it wonderfully renewed his relationship with God.

To be frank I'm usually a bit skeptical going somewhere new due to some previous negative experiences. Therefore I was delighted to feel so welcomed by your church and the congregation. The music moved me to silent tears and your words startled my heart. An email cannot convey how much I needed that. It is a sublime sensation when we realize we're exactly where we need to be at that exact moment which is what I experienced sitting there with Chris, my daughter and Leif. They are so dear to me and for them to invite us to church meant so much.

We live in Hurricane WV and I hope to find a similar church family in our area. This coming Sunday will be Leif's last regular attendance since he has finished flight school and is heading to San Diego on Wednesday. I know he is anxious to find a similar church family there.

God Bless and all our love, Molly.

PS: on a side note I really enjoyed the CD in our gift bag as I drove home for 12 hours it helped feed the flame ignited in my heart. I laughed out loud when I realized how much it applied to me. It was from November and discussed 'Playing it Safe versus Taking a Risk.'

Pace Community Church... you are awesome! Working together, we are making a difference in the lives of people. God is honored by your labor of love.

Molly, thanks for the nice letter and encouragement!

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