Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quotable Quotes...

I got some notes from a recent pastors conference. Here are a few quotes worth sharing:

  • What is it that God wants to do in our church? Not, what is it that the deacons or the bloggers want? But what does GOD want?

  • God used unschooled, ordinary men to change the world.

  • Most churches stick their kids in the basement with a woman that knew Moses.

  • Did you know that some people don’t want the church to grow?

  • The church in Acts grew because it was willing to change.

  • We can prepare for a move of God, but we can’t plan it.

  • We yell at lost people for acting like lost people.

  • Unconfessed sin impacts the power of God in our churches.

  • Secret sins are secret only for a short time.

  • God has a plan to bring secret sins out into the open.

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