Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • The past several days have been very busy – wedding plans… wedding decorations… rehearsal… the ceremony…. the reception… and clean-up! Then there was the Sunday morning services, along with two additional meetings with baptismal candidates. I’m beat.

  • Michele Harte, the lady I mentioned in service this morning that suffered a stroke, has experienced a second stroke. After church today I visited with her in ICU and she is doing as well as can be expected at this point. We prayed together and God’s Spirit seemed to be present in the room. Robert, her husband, is hopeful and optimistic… with a dose of reality. Continue to pray for this couple. And remember, she just had a baby twelve days ago.

  • Today’s services were very good, especially given it was Memorial Day weekend. While we didn’t plan a church service around an Armed Services theme, we did pay a brief tribute to our men & women in uniform (thanks Paul Thornton for the exceptional video). Beyond that, we heard a good Word, the music was good, and worship was heart-felt. Attendance was very good too.

  • I’m excited about our baptism service next Sunday. About 38-40 people on the list. Join us as we celebrate the public confession of these new followers of Christ.

  • Student Life Camp (for teens) is just around the corner. The week after that is Vacation Bible School. It’s almost time for our SUMMER SIZZLER SEASON to begin!

  • Next Sunday we will have a new stage design.

  • Had a new drummer on percussion today (i.e., the drum station behind the keyboard), and the young lady did an outstanding job. In fact, we are getting a lot more versatile in our musicians – Greg Gill is another new drummer (at the main drum station) and is also doing a excellent job. He even “breaks out” every now and then, adding a nice element to the music.

  • Our church grounds look as nice as they ever have. This would not be possible if it were not for the fine group of people who have taken ownership of this project. They make it happen.

  • The wedding yesterday was packed. It looked like a Sunday morning service. Thank you to everyone who came… it honored my family as well as the Lewis family.

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