Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do You Have a Kingdom Mindset?

Be honest. Are you more influenced by the world (and its values) or the Word of God? I suppose most Christian people would be quick to confess the Bible influences them more than the world. Not so fast.

Having a kingdom mindset means having God’s mind and heart at all times and in every situation. This gives passion to our prayers. Our prayer “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done” will take on a whole new meaning for us. In contrast, people without a kingdom mindset instinctively try to find their security in whatever they think will ensure that their self-interests are met.

When we are kingdom minded we see everything around us in a different light. It means we evaluate our decisions and choices in light of God’s kingdom instead of according to our personal comfort and desires. For the sake of the kingdom we choose not to demand our rights at every turn. We desire for God to have “His’ way over our way. Having a kingdom mindset means caring about the world of lost people verses having my personal needs met all the time.

Our renewed mind first shows itself in our daily choices. Slowly, as we surrender our will to God, we come to realize that God is not a ‘kill joy.’ Rather, by losing ourselves in Him...we find ourselves. We find life.

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