Monday, June 1, 2009


I believe in the supernatural operations of God. I believe in the supernatural manifestations of God too.

According to the Scriptures, the church has an exclusive access to the supernatural. Consider this:
  • We worship Jesus Christ… who was born of a virgin (uh…. supernatural), lived a perfect sinless life (supernatural), performed miracles (supernatural) and rose from the dead (once again…supernatural!)

  • Then there is the book of Acts…we have the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 (supernatural), thousands of people repenting of sin (supernatural), the church exploding (supernatural), people being healed (supernatural), and the Gospel being preached to the world without the internet or cell phones (supernatural.)

  • Every time a person commits their life to Jesus Christ they are “born of the Spirit” and “born again” (it is supernatural)… and when believers are filled with the Spirit (it is supernatural). Every time we gather at church in a public assembly to worship God, the Holy Spirit begins to move in the service touching the hearts of people in many different ways, (that too, is supernatural).

These things are so not-of-this-world that only God can be responsible for it.

Let me be clear…. I believe in the supernatural, but I don’t believe in weirdo’s, crack pots, and freaky people doing stupid stuff and then calling that the supernatural manifestations of God. I’m talking about Christian people and church leaders who submit to God asking Him to do His work in our midst…. because when we do that the supernatural always happens… and you don’t have to manufacture it.

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