Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kingdom Mindset & the Check Out Isle at Wal-Mart

…whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God (James 4:4b KJV)

I go to Wal-Mart about once a week. Good inventory and decent prices. Every now and then I bump into someone I know and will stop to have a friendly chat. Always enjoyable. But then I have to go to the check out line…

It’s there that the values of the world are on full display for all to see (including your children). The magazine covers and tabloids scream for our attention. Here are a few of the articles I recently seen…. Top 10 Ways to Hotter Sex…. Give Him What He Really Wants in Bed… 7 Reasons to Hide an Affair… How to Tell for Sure If He is Cheating…. Get a Hot Body that No Man Can Resist… Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days…. and many more. You get the idea.

We are surrounded by the stuff. Your children see it too. There is no avoiding it. We can’t put blinders on. But we must remain kingdom minded and sanctified at all times. Even in the check out isle.

Do you ever find yourself being drawn into what’s going on with Brad & Angelina more than what’s going on with your neighbor? Or the latest gossip with Jon & Kate?

BTW, is hotness’ really more important than holiness?

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