Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump (#2)

Dear Anonymous,

I got your note today. Normally I never receive anonymous letters because they are intercepted by assistants who protect me from such nonsense. But for whatever reason they decided to forward this one to me. I’m glad they did because I would like to respond to you. Even though your note was only three sentences long, it was very revealing about the kind of person you are. I hope that you read (or are reading) my blog because I would like to tell you what I think:

First, I noticed that you did not sign your name. The reason is obvious. You are a coward. Why can’t you just admit that to yourself and deal with it? If you would like to talk to me face-to-face, then do so. Until then, I don't have time for you.

Secondly, you appear to be a person that has some inner venom that you like to spew. What made you such a bitter person anyway? It wasn’t us. How long have you been carrying this baggage? Perhaps you should seek professional counseling.

Third, I know that hit-and-run is illegal (when you are driving a car) but you have chosen to do it with pen and paper. Do you really believe that you are right with God behaving like this? You owe someone an apology, and you will never be right with God until you do!

Fourth, I can’t take you seriously. If there was ever a chance that you could get my attention to seriously consider what you have to say, you lose the benefit of the doubt when you act so immature. In the future, save yourself the effort. You sound like a whiney baby and everyone knows it but yourself. I think you’ve got some kind of spiritual hernia.

Fifth, I can’t help you because I don’t know who you are. There were 504 other people in church today who were blessed, helped, receptive and touched by the power of God. You on the other hand were not. You have chosen to hide in the shadows, and it’s your own choice.

Sixth. You seem to be pretty experienced at pointing out the ‘speck’ in other people’s eyes while not noticing the beam in your own eye. Who appointed you to this position? Please resign as the General Manager of the universe and all nearby planets.

Seventh. You are absolutely selfish. Shame on you!

Eighth. Because of your nasty disposition you missed a move of God’s Spirit today. In both services God did some amazing works of grace in the lives of many, many people. And in our third service, it was even more amazing – we had an old fashioned healing service with prayer and anointing with oil. There was so much love being expressed to one another. People were crying, and travailing before the altar. I witnessed people hugging, affirming one another, and showing true expressions of concern and affection…. just like a church family should. But of course you missed out on all this. God has a way of excluding people like you from outpourings of His Spirit. You wouldn’t have appreciated it anyway – you are too self-absorbed. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when He said not to “cast your pearls before the swine.” So God allowed you to stew in your own juices and miss what He was doing… and your spiritual blindness is self imposed. His judgment is always righteous. BTW, there was a ten-to-one ratio of good notes turned in today compared to your one little, rinky dink, negative note. Others were able to see what you could not.

Ninth. You wrote your note a small piece of paper. Then you put that note in a ‘tithing envelope’ and dropped it in the offering bag as the offering was being received by our ushers. You gave the appearance of worshipping God by giving an ‘offering,’ but in truth, you were putting on a show to hide your true intent. How low can you get? This makes you a hypocrite. You are living a lie. You are like “Ananias & Sapphira” (Acts 5) who pretended to give something (in the offering) when in fact they didn’t. You are pretender and a fake. Satan has filled your heart. Do you really think that you can gain my support with such actions?

Tenth. If this is how you plan on behaving at our church, then please leave. We need your seat.

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