Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

Today’s sermon was “Confronting Casual Christianity. A couple of thoughts from the message:

  • You cannot serve God and mammon. Jesus calls us to an either-or proposition with no neutral ground in the middle. We must choose God or the world, and if we choose God then He must be the undisputed Master of our lives.

  • If you choose to follow God, it is going to cost you something. But it will cost you more if you choose not to follow.

  • People have a tendency to see salvation only as a “go-to-heaven-for-free-card” instead of seeing it as a surrender to God’s authority. In truth, the call to salvation is a call to discipleship…. a call to lay down your life.

  • It’s one thing to say “I do” at an altar to the person you are marrying. But it’s another thing to “see it through” over the course of a lifetime. The same is true for us in answering the call of God – it’s one thing to say, “I believe and receive,” but it’s another thing to “see it through for a lifetime.”

  • Commitment is not a ‘one time acknowledgement.’ It is a ‘lifetime of determination.”

On to other things…..

  • The song service was outstanding. The new songs we are doing are very moving. How about the closing hymn, “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.”

  • There were some hurting people in church today in need of God’s intervention.

  • Several people indicated they made a commitment to Christ. If they did so after hearing today’s message, then it was real. There was no ambiguity about what is involved.

  • We have an amazing church with some amazing disciples in it… people who really put God at the front of their life.

  • I would be willing to take any 200 members from PCC and match them with 200 members from any other church in regards to Bible comprehension, scripture memorization, obedience to God, love for God, maturity, service, commitment, spiritual values, and actual hands-on ministry work!

  • I have heard some amazing stories this week about the significant life-changed that is being brought about in people’s lives at PCC. I stand in awe.

  • Some remarkable things are especially happening among our children and teenagers right now. Isn't it great to see the teens in service worshiping God? I love to have them sitting on the front row while I'm preaching.

  • True confession. I sometimes get so caught up in the details of leading our church that it’s easy to miss seeing the steady impact that our church has on the lives of all its members. I am deeply thankful to you PCCers who serve one another so faithfully, and who have such a heart for our teens and children. Because of your efforts there are scores of kids who are slowly (but surely) having Christ formed in them. Your part in all of this really matters. Way to go! Our kids and students are growing up in a very complicated and increasingly confusing time in history. Your prayers and efforts are critical.

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