Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • 9:00 PM Sunday Night. Just got home about 45 minutes ago. I’ve been going all day long. I’m beat. I guess you could say I'm dog tired. Two services this morning (which always takes a lot out of me). After church today I spent the afternoon in two different hospitals. One man (associated with our church) is having open heart surgery in the morning, (6:30 AM) so I stopped by for a visit. While in his room my wife called telling me that her mother was being rushed to the hospital with chest pains. I go there and hang out in the Emergency Room until they get her stabilized. Renae and the rest of her family are still there.

  • Just heard from Renae – her mother is being admitted. Renae is spending the night.

  • I’m home alone… Guess I’ll keep on writing.

  • Church was good today. A lot of people were encouraged by the message – “God is For You.” I felt it resonate within myself too. In fact, I was even encouraged. And you should have seen the cards turned in! They were filled with encouraging notes, commitments to Christ, volunteering to serve, and numerous prayer requests. It was like a dam broke open and out came a flood of desperate cries for help. Our church is full of the walking wounded.

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes…. Usually during the summer months we launch some type of ministry initiative to keep the momentum going, but we are not doing that right now. We’ve already had Baptism Sunday, Student Life Camp and Vacation Bible School, which were three big events back-to-back. All our workers need a break. Besides, it’s the middle of the summer and is vacation time for a lot of families. But I will tell you that we are working diligently behind the scenes right now on some issues that need to be addressed. This is going to result in some significant changes at PCC. We are working on upgrades, and improving some of our systems. All of this is in preparation for the August-September time frame. We want to be in position to handle what God is going to do in our midst. I will be posting more about these changes in a week or so.

  • FACEBOOK – Okay. I have opened a Facebook Account. I don’t think I’m going like it. I can’t figure the stupid thing out. Besides, I might be too old for this social network. But since I have had some 40 requests to be listed as a “Friend” I decided to cave in and give it a try. Tonight I added 16 friends. What is the purpose of FaceBook anyhow? I don’t get it. If it is inter-active, maybe we can chat… unlike on my blog which (usually) remains closed to comments. There are too many crackpots and kooks out there who log on to my blog. Will Facebook be any different? I don’t know. If you’d like to be connect, I’m willing.

  • Does this mean that I am ‘cool’ now?

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