Friday, July 24, 2009

Staff Changes & Children's Ministry

Our most pressing concern with Cathy Denny stepping down from the children’s ministry was how the parents of the children (as well as the workers) might feel about the vacancy in leadership. We understand the concerns that could be raised, such as - how long will it take to find a replacement? and, will the program flounder in the meantime? To that end, we have worked diligently to formulate a plan to ensure a seamless transition.

First, let me say, that Cathy was gracious enough to provide us with two months notice, which provided us with enough time to make good decisions (rather than having to hastily react). To Cathy, we say “thank you” for your forethought.

Second, the best ministry leaders and staff members usually come from within our church family, rather than from the outside; therefore we have been looking among our own ranks for the appropriate person to fill the vacancy. Here’s how we do it: when we realize a certain position needs to be filled, we always look at who is already doing the job as a volunteer and then make our selection accordingly.

Third, we have made our selection about the changes in personnel.

Here’s what the plan is:

  • Christy Klein will be the new Children’s Ministry Director. Christy is currently our Pre-school Director and will be moving up to the elementary grades, becoming the new leader there.

  • Of course, moving Christy creates a vacancy in the pre-school department, so we’ve had to find a replacement for her as well. That person will be Richelle White. Richelle currently serves as the Assistant Pre-school Director and will now be stepping up to take full leadership in this area.

We’ve been through the interview process with both of theses ladies and have found them to be the right persons for the task ahead. There are still a few more meetings ahead of us and details to work out to complete the orientation. After that, the transition process (changes in leadership) will begin and will be complete by August 31.

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