Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Church was AWESOME today.

  • Several people committed to Christ. Many more turned in prayer requests reaching out for help. A ton of visitors. Where are all these people coming from?

  • Attendance was pretty good too – 430 – not too bad for the dead middle of summer with two dozen families away on travel. After school starts we should get back up to normal attendance.

  • I enjoyed the new songs.

  • Chris P. is doing a good job “prompting” the congregation. I recently asked him if he would take that role. Glad I did.

  • I saw some neat comments on Facebook about today’s service.

  • The message really resonated with me today – “What Does God Expect of Me?” – based upon the Greatest Commandment, which is a favorite topic of mine. That commandment, in and of itself, changed my view of Christianity about fifteen years ago.

  • After first service today someone stopped me in the atrium to have a friendly chat. He said something to the effect that it appears like “all is good at PCC right now” and that “he was glad there is so much unity, harmony, and friendliness” in our church family. I think this was a reference to our ten year hiccup and the utter contrast to how our church is now. Things have never been better!

  • Have you noticed how good our church grounds look? Every time you drive by, or drive on to the campus, it ALWAYS looks maintained and taken care of. Thanks to the group of volunteers who mows each Thursday, the grounds are always in pristine condition. I could not be more pleased.

  • But all the good things at PCC don’t begin and end there. We have many, many, volunteers who do so much to make PCC successful. Everything from maintenance, to ministry, housekeeping, teaching, behind-the-scenes-work, to ‘whatever needs to be done,’ our church has the most awesome group of Christian workers I’ve ever seen.

  • I’ve been called to JURY DUTY TOMORROW MORNING.

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes…… I have a very important announcement to make this week. I will post it on my blog on Thursday or Friday. My first mention of this was in last weeks Sunday Mind Dump.

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