Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a Great Church We Have


I think PCC is a great church. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

I was at church tonight. There was a lot going on. It was youth night combined with the monthly Unite family picnic. In addition, the teens had the finale to their summer Survivor series. It was a lot of fun. The kids really got into it. Even the adults had a blast. As I walked around this evening, I did so with open eyes making observations. Do you know what I observed? There was “one another” ministry taking place all over the place.

During the picnic time, I met a coupe of new people and had a very pleasant visit with them. They have been attending PCC since January (seven months now) and tonight was the first time I had a significant conversation with them. They told me of their spiritual journey, their commitment to Jesus Christ, and how much PCC means to them. Here’s my point: these people already have full buy-in to our church and they had not even met the senior pastor yet! Do you know what that means? It means the PEOPLE of PCC (that’s you) have made our church such a welcoming place that newcomers find it very easy to call PCC their home. Amazing.

Afterwards everyone went inside. The place was packed with people, mostly teens. I took a stroll through the building and noticed little pockets of people, here and there, having ministry time together praying one for another. I’ve just go to say, it’s great to belong to a church where the “members” actually function as the “ministers.” There’s enough spiritual maturity (and heart felt compassion) among our members that they take it upon themselves to get involved in the lives of other people who are reaching out. Amazing.

I took a stroll through the kitchen and there’s a group of workers in there laboring tirelessly in food preparation and clean up. They do this faithfully every Wednesday night. It’s hard work with no pay. But they do it with joy in their heart and a song on their lips just so the kids can be provided for. Jesus often did some of His best ministry while sitting around a dinner table sharing a meal with sinners or His disciples. This is very important because there is a bonding effect when people share a meal together. After the kids are well fed, then they are fed the Word of God by a couple of exceptional teachers. If not for these faithful workers in the kitchen, this level (and depth) of ministry would not be taking place. Amazing.

Then I noticed a group of men who were having a Bible study together. They were discussing the Sunday sermon so they could dig deeper into the subject matter. As they talked in group discussion, they were not only going deeper in the Word of God but also deeper into each other’s lives. This is what is called “koinonia” – a Greek word that describes biblical fellowship. Then they concluded their Bible study with prayer for each other. Amazing.

These observations only scratch the surface of what I noticed tonight.

For eleven years Pace Community Church has had a Great Commitment to the Greatest Commandment AND the Great Commission. It was apparent to me tonight that we truly have a GREAT CHURCH!

PS - Lou & Loraine Colon gave me a gift card to Lowes for my birthday; that was the greatest part of all!

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