Friday, September 25, 2009

PCC - The "Unbiblical" Church

At PCC we don’t have pews. We don’t have a choir. We don’t use hymn books. I don’t wear a suit, and we don’t have an organ. We don’t observe denominational traditions, and neither do we preach/teach from a lectionary. Some people have labeled us as being unbiblical because we don’t offer these things. Huh? As strange as it seems, the people who criticize us the most are “Christians” who are usually from other churches.

There are a lot of things we don’t do… but here are a few things we do:

1. We teach the Bible. Without the Bible there is no other basis for Christianity. It is the only document in the earth that we have to learn about God and the things He wants us to know. We don’t teach my opinions or man-made traditions here. We teach the Bible.

2. We teach the Bible pretty hard sometimes
. We don’t get to pick-and-choose which parts we believe… so if the Bible addresses a tough topic, we don’t shy away from it. This doesn’t always set well with everyone, but that’s not my problem. God authored the Bible, I didn’t.

3. We talk about real life issues – the same things the Bible talks about. The Bible talks about anger, complaining, divorce, forgiveness, sex, marriage, gossip, suffering, grief, pain, and materialism; so do we. The Bible also teaches doctrine; so do we. We’re also not going to apologize for God’s Word.

4. We are deep. It is a mistake to believe that a growing church is shallow or waters down the message. Where did anyone ever get that idea? Jealously, probably. Whether it is in the Sunday morning service, the teen service, in small groups, leadership meetings, or children’s church, all of our teachers unpack God’s Word in a way that offers amazing insight to the mysteries of God.

5. We place a high value on children and teenagers. We spend an incredible amount of time, effort, and resources on our children and students. As a parent, you want to go to a church that values your children, right? They shouldn’t be treated like second class people, nor should they get the leftovers from our ministry efforts. Instead, they should be the target of our ministry efforts! I don’t think kids should be bored out of their minds when they come to church either. I don’t want to force little kids to sit in “big church.” I don’t want our teenagers thinking church is out of date or useless to their everyday life. We place a high value on their generation – we have a staff and volunteers that focuses on them – and that’s why we have hundreds of kids who call PCC their church home.

No, we don't have choir robes. But we do have lot of redeemed people who were formerly hell-bound without hope.