Friday, September 4, 2009

Preaching and Worship

Preaching does not come after worship in the order of the service. Preaching IS worship.


Without the Bible there is simply no basis for Christianity. If we did not have the Bible we would not know about Jesus Christ, His resurrection, or God’s plan of salvation for mankind. We would not know about sin, the fall of man, or anything else that God has desired to communicate to us. Without the Bible we would simply know nothing. No book, no commentary, no song, no opinion, not even the Pope or the traditions of men can provide us with a basis for Christianity. The Bible stands alone in this regard.

To that end preaching is indispensable to Christianity and worship. God meets with and rules over His people through the authoritative preaching of His Word. The preacher may be the only one speaking at the moment, but both he and the listener rejoice in the Word together. THAT is corporate worship. The preacher worships as he speaks the Word, and the congregation worships just as much in hearing the Word.

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