Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Today was a good day at PCC. Good feel in the house.

  • I have concluded that PCC is a HEALTHY church. Across the board gospel stuff is always happening. In everything we do - the Sunday services, worship, giving, preaching/teaching, weekly attendance, small groups, volunteerism, authentic community, kids, teens, commitments to Christ, evangelism, and discipleship - spiritual PROGRESS is being made. This is the evidence of church HEALTH.

  • I especially enjoy seeing so many people in our church family forging new friendship, hanging out with each other after church, going out to lunch/dinner together, and just doing life together.

  • There was a time when none of this existed. I have a unique before-and-after perspective. I can remember when we were running 35 people and we were seven days from extinction every Sunday. Here it is eleven years later and hundreds of people worship God together each Sunday, and do life together during the week. If not for PCC most of these friendships would have never been forged. From a pastor’s point of view, I find this deeply satisfying.

  • Relationships are the GLUE that HOLDS a church together.

  • The current message series, “In the Heat of the Desert” (through the book of Numbers) has been very productive and beneficial to our church family. We’ve learned good content about the Bible, as well as many principles that can help us in our daily lives.

  • Today’s message was “Complaining & the Serpent on the Pole.”

  • Quote of the day: Being a Christian is more than just getting a free ticket to heaven; it’s about living each day of our lives as God would have us live them. Second best quote: Chronic complaining is a serious handicap to pass along to your children. Best Doctrinal quote: Like the serpent of the pole, Christ became sin for us (2 Cor. 5:21).

  • Don’t forget the “Seven Day Challenge” – go seven days without complaining. Had a lot of fun with that.

  • I love seeing the teenagers on the front row each Sunday. Seeing all those young people there really encourages me along. It’s like saying “sick um” to a bulldog – makes me more aggressive. More importantly, because of their age and desire for God, I can have a small part in influencing the direction of their lives for Christ. The real work, however, is being done by the ministry team of youth workers.

  • It has been a very busy week for me. I am worn out.

  • I’m excited about the month of October – Unite Family Picnic, Communion service, new message series begins (Future Shock), and Seminar 101.

  • There’s a good feeling in our church right now. God is really doing some neat things – many are visible, most are behind-the-scenes. I can honestly say that PCC has never been as healthy, enjoyable, and successful at kingdom stuff as we are right now.

  • Second service is looking better and better every week.

  • Getting up at 6:00 AM tomorrow for a morning run. Hope the weather is cool.

  • He is risen, and He’s coming back!

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