Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Ministry is Messy

Ministry has its fair share of successes. But it also has plenty of disappointments. Sometimes it gets messy; very messy. We work with imperfect perfect people; some who get well, and others who never will. Some people grow spiritually and bear good fruit; others remain babies forever. Our idealism for ministry is often crushed by reality. That is the brutal truth.

While there are great disappointments, let downs, betrayals, and failures, there’s another side to the story; there is great value in just DOING ministry, SHARING LIFE, and JUST TRYING. Somewhere in the middle of all that ‘messiness’ the work of God is being carried out and many lives are being impacted in a positive way. Our efforts may not be successful all the time, the product not like polished brass, and the process messy – even so, redemptive things are taking place. Sometimes it’s easy to be left wondering, “Do any of our efforts matter?” But now, more than ever, I realize now that the gospel is most often manifested in the midst of messiness.

Take heart. Don’t be discouraged. Fight the fight. Run the race. Show up. Keep living for God and working out your faith. Keep preaching. Keep loving. Keep on keeping on…

… There is value in what you do.

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Cathy said...

I wish there was a 'like' button on your blog:-) You hit the nail on the head. Ministry is messy, but if our Lord was willing to die on the cross for imperfect people, then who are we not to try to carry on His ministry to imperfect people. He loves everyone just the same.