Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Today was a good Sunday.

  • After the first service, I didn’t think people were going to leave. The atrium was still fully crowded when the second service began. It’s good that people like to hang out that long. I’m glad that church is not a bummer for them.

  • In some ways I love the rumors I hear being spoken about our church. Some of them are so off-base that there is nothing to do but laugh.

  • On the other hand, there are more good things being said about us than bad. I’m glad God has given us favor among men. I’m glad the devil is mad too.

  • We got some new faces at PCC who are helping make things happen. Always glad for this.

  • I was thinking this week how important it is to be around people who make you laugh and you can relax around.

  • Our newest drummer - Greg G - is nailing it right now. FYI, a major rule for a musical band is this – no drummer is better than having a bad drummer. Here's why: Because a bad drummer will throw the timing off and the whole band will sound like a train wreck. Better to not have one than have a bad one. But Greg is nailing it. His timing is good and he adds a lot of cool elements (like drum rolls and quick turn arounds). Most amazing of all is he taught himself!

  • Have you ever had that feeling like something big is about to happen? I can’t put my finger on it exactly (yet), but I feel anticipation rising in me. Do you feel that way?

  • Some people think I’m kidding when I tell them my last name is Christian and they know I am a pastor. Some actually think I had my named legally changed.

  • There are some people who left PCC in the past who need to come back. I’m thinking of those who were collateral damage in our Ten Year Hiccup. They were not the instigators, but followers who got caught up in the junk of others. Some of these victims have stopped attending church altogether. Someone messed with their mind and messed them up to church. They need to come back. This is their home. This is where they belong.

  • We are going to be conducting a direct mail campaign soon and plan to penetrate more than 15,000 homes with a message of encouragement from PCC. It’s good we get a non-profit discount (just mere pennies each) or we would not be able to afford. In fact, we hope to do this twice before the end of the year, and then again next year just before Easter. People in this are need to know PCC exists, what we are about, and that God is the answer for whatever challenges in life they are facing.

  • Next April PCC will be twelve years old.

  • I think PCC could very likely become a regional church, instead of only being a neighborhood church.

  • This Sunday starts the new message series, Future Shock.

  • Renae is out of town for a few days. She left after church today and will be back Wednesday about noon. She is visiting friends in our previous church near Gainesville FL.

  • That means I’m a bachelor for the next few days……. I guess it’s fish sticks and cold tater tots for me!

  • You can’t out give God. That’s not just “preacher speak” – it’s a principle for managing your life and finances. When we do our part, God promises to do His part. In fact, the only time in the Bible that God says PROVE ME or TEST ME is in regard to the giving of tithes to Him. See Malachi 3.

  • For now, I'm chillin in my easy chair.


Sidney said...

Ron - Not only is the new drummer really good, he's also really cute.

Amy said...

I was in service this a.m. it was an excellent service.

Louie said...


I always enjoy the Communion Services. It is very important that we take time to remember what Jesus done for us and all of mankind.

I really felt God's presence today in the service and as always the music was right on for the service too.