Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Where to begin?

  • Today was one of our best days in a long time. The house was packed in the first service and the second service attendance was very strong. Combined attendance was 497.

  • The song service was off-the-chart. I think we went to a whole-nutha-level. How about the last song? Awesome. The singers were amazing too. That song comes from Revelation chapter 19, describing Jesus’ appearance at the Second Coming. Yea, we’ll be doing it again.

  • Thanks to the tech guys who worked in rehearsal Saturday night and Sunday morning to make it sound so good.

  • We are five weeks into our current message series (Future Shock), and honestly I am very surprised by the increasing attendance. The first couple of weeks it was a crowd thinner - people got up and walked out (each Sunday, both services). Yet we forged ahead anyway and attendance has continued to climb regardless.

  • The children’s wing (nursery, pre-k, elementary, teens) was PACKED!

  • God is doing some stuff at PCC.

  • Our internal systems are overtaxed and key personnel are overworked. We are not always firing on all eight cylinders, but in spite of our shortcomings God is changing lives. I mean, some real life-change experiences are taking place. Little miracles are everywhere in the PCC family – all sorts of them.

  • I took a glance at the commitment cards that were turned in today. It appears that a good number of people committed their lives to Christ. I’m glad God uses PCC to do this.

  • A LOT of visitors were in service today.

  • Next Sunday’s volunteer banquet is going to be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to it.

  • As our church grows, I have to manage less and learn to lead more.

  • It looks like my blog counter will soon reach 75,000 visits. Do I really have that many friends? Or are there others who visit here?

  • A Calvinist logged on to my blog Friday night and left me a comment. That’s how he identified himself, “I am a Calvinist.” Apparently he didn’t like the post I wrote last Tuesday (Why I Could Never be a Calvinist). Okay, but I'm not losing any sleep over it. I don’t know who this person was. Of course, I didn’t publish his comments – it was dorky. I'm just saying....

  • Renae and I are ready to sell our house and move into the country – way out.

  • I heard on the news recently that Pensacola has one of the worst job markets in the entire country right now. That’s not a problem for God.

  • Spent the day yesterday working around the house – mostly in the yard. The weather was beautiful and it was great to be outdoors. My backyard is going through a Landscape Makeover.

  • Going to watch a movie tonight at 7:00 PM – the movie 2012! End of the world stuff.

  • Getting up early tomorrow morning for a vigorous run. Yes, spandex will be worn.


Robert H. said...

Ron,As the head usher you know i always sit along the back wall near the door & i can see most of the congregation . I seen some powerful things going on during the song service specifically the last song you could feel God's presence, there were a lot of tears and people reaching out to the Lord. and then I left the sanctuary briefly to take a count on the children & teens and I could feel God's presence and see him working throughout our church .WOW!!! As you said Ron it was "one of our best days in a long time" and so many new faces. it was a GREAT DAY!!

Ron said...

Thanks for the good words; they verify and confirm what many of us are sensing right now. I hope last Sunday is a sign of things to come! I'm glad you were so observant too.