Friday, December 4, 2009

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University finished up a couple of weeks ago. This is a picture of the last class (click to enlarge). In his own words, this is Scott Kramer’s report:

Well, we have come to the end of what Donna and I consider to be the best FPU class yet. It was amazing to watch the changes taking place in each person. It was actually a visual transformation.

Here are some stats you will find interesting:
  • Total class debt at the first class: $663,799
  • Total class debt at the last class: $537,253
  • Total debt paid off while attending FPU: $126,546

Here are the averages:

  • Starting debt per class member: $27,658
  • Ending debt per class member: $22,386
  • Debt paid off per class member: $5,273
  • One class member will be debt free very soon.

Now those are impressive numbers! These people get it! They are what we call Gazelle intense". They have seen that it is possible to pay off the debt they have accumulated and live debt free. It was an awesome privilege and honor to coordinate this group of people.

What an awesome class! What an awesome God we serve that can bring such a diverse group of people together to learn what His plan is for money!

Happy Thanksgiving Ronnie.

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Renae said...

Those are impressive statistics . . . looks like everyone is making some kind of progress, which is GREAT. Congrats to the one who is very close to being debt-free. I know the others are all now moving that direction.
Scott & Donna have done a GREAT job leading this group . . class number 3, I believe.