Thursday, December 31, 2009

Frugal Spending

To make it as a staff member at PCC, (paid, part time, or volunteer ministry leader), you have to be a coupon cutter.

Well, not literally, but in a sense of the word, yes. A word that defines our standard operating procedure is “frugality.” We operate in a constant state of frugal spending because we want to be good stewards.

You better understand that you cannot purchase your way out of a problem, and you must be willing to plan, wait, and come up with creative solutions. One of the greatest assets that churches have available to them is people and their time, and when these two come together in a creative way you can do more with less money. It is often poor planning and lack of oversight that leads to rushed printing jobs, expedited delivery charges, not reusing curriculum, and overstocking of supplies; stuff that doesn’t fly around here. Saving money and being good stewards is one of the reasons I am so passionate about good planning.

That doesn’t mean we are cheap, stingy, or don’t care about excellence. We believe that we should give God our best in all we do. But excellence also means that we don’t throw money at unnecessary things that doesn’t make a difference in God’s kingdom.

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