Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods

Okay, it’s been in the news – a lot. Tiger has had an affair – several in fact – apparently seven-to-nine of them (women on the side). I’m beginning to suffer from Tiger-affair overexposure. Then there are the sound bite cliché’s that sensationalize this family disaster:
  • Tiger not out of the Woods yet
  • Seven "under’"Tiger
  • Tigers Troubles
  • What's in Tigers Tank?
  • The Tiger Roars
  • Etc.

I agree, Tiger has done a bad thing. What he has done is a violation of the marriage covenant and strikes against our sensibilities of morality. He’s got trouble with his wife, trouble with his family, and trouble with his financial sponsors. His reputation and pristine image have been marred. Play-day is over for him and pay-day is in the near future. It’s no coincidence that the Bible says, “the way of the transgressor is hard” (Proverbs 13:15), and “he who commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding… a wound and dishonor will he get; and his REPROACH shall NOT be wiped away” (Proverbs 6:32-33). This transgression will follow and haunt Tiger for the rest-of-his-life! Ask King David about his adultery with Bathseba and he will tell you it's true - it has followed him for more than 3000 years. We still talk about it to this very day.

BUT I’VE GOT A QUESTION TO ASK: Why aren’t the women (who were in bed with him) being interviewed? Why aren’t THEY being stalked by the media? What are THEIR names? It takes two to tango. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. These ‘marriage wreckers’ betrayed the sisterhood of their own gender. They betrayed another mans’ WIFE! Why the double standard? Why are they getting a “free pass” on their adultery? Is it fashionable and acceptable to be the “other woman” nowadays?

The only standard that is consistent for marriage and morality is the WORD OF GOD. They are ALL equally guilty.

This is a family disaster, and I wouldn't trade places with Tiger for all of his money. He has earned more than one billion dollars in sports and his life is now falling apart... and so is his wife's. This is proof that money doesn't buy happiness. Only Christ can give us inner contentment.

Let me close with a pastoral suggestion: If you are a Christian, make an attempt to rise above the sordid gossip of this tabloid TV. And please, don't be enterained by it. It's beneath us; we are Christians. Think of the children.


P.W. said...

Your right about two to tango, Bathsheba probably knew King David liked to go to the roof on warm nights. Women like to play on mans most powerful vulnerability; it gives them a sense of power over them. I’m not a gambling man but I’d bet one if not more of the other women either was acquainted with or friends to his wife. Not forgiving his (our) sin, we have to be on our guard at all times.


Jewel said...

Tiger Woods had it...ALL...except true comittment to his wife. Money cannot buy character & integrity. Either a person has it or they don't. A very poor person can have character & integrity & a billionaire may not.

Louie said...

Now we know why he tried so hard to keep his life private. Although we didn't know what was going on in his life and as Ron stated this will haunt him the rest of his life. This is truly another example of how not even money can hide your sins. I just can't understand why Tiger would throw all of it away for something he already had, a woman who loved him.