Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Good solid day. A lot of “God honoring” activity in the house.

  • Attendance was good (451). Sound system was tweaked perfectly. Giving was very strong. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

  • The teen department Ministry Team had a planning meeting after church today. Served lunch, planned for the next quarter, handed out assignments, and made good strides getting a jump start for 2010.

  • Next Sunday (Jan 10) our ushers department is having a planning meeting. Will be talking about security, specific duties, and other procedures. Should be very productive.

  • The Sunday after that (Jan 17) there will be a department meeting for the children’s ministry and all workers, etc. Same agenda; planning, strategy, assignments, vision casting, etc.

  • All teams are getting taking their roles seriously and "getting with the program." Love it.

  • The finance department is diligently working on closing out 2009, and preparing the 2010 budget and finalizing other financial procedures that will be adopted this year. A financial report will be available by the end of the month, and your giving reports will be mailed to you by then as well.

  • BTW, we finished 2009 much stronger financially than we were anticipating – about $18,000 more than 2008.

  • The current series through Malachi is going to be very profitable for us as a church, and for each individual who longs to honor God. It’s a good message to start the New Year with – honoring God.

  • By the time we finish this series in Malachi, a new dye will have been cast in our church – I am certain that deeper devotion towards God will become the “new normal” for us.

  • A message series based upon the book of Job is still in the works; a message that people need to hear.

  • We are considering making some changes in the Sunday morning service and experimenting with new ideas on how we do things; such as when we take up the offering; changing the way we close/conclude the service; a new gift-packet for first-time guests at the welcome center; and scaling back some of the food items in the atrium.

  • The children (from PCC Kidz) went ice skating today. I know they are having a blast!

  • Several people said nice things about the message today.

  • We received good testimonies on the communication cards too.

  • I met a new guy today who told me it was his third visit with us. He bragged about the friendliness of our church people, the worship, the guest services, etc. I liked it when he said, “you guys are ‘outside the box’ on a lot of things here and I love it.”

  • There was a man visiting in church today that I went to High School with. Haven't seen him in thirty-five years! In fact, we were close friends back then. It was like a ghost from my past walking in. This man recently gave his life to Christ (about 1 year ago). When he heard that I was pastoring a church in the area he just had to come "see it for himself." We had a long pleasant chat after the second service.

  • We have gotten off to a strong start for 2010 and I’m convinced it’s going to be a great year.

  • Check back each day this week… I will be posting daily.


John said...

I thought that was him. Will he be back this Sunday? I would like to say hello to an old friend.

Ron said...

Yes, that was him; and he said he would be back.