Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Real good church today.

  • Attendance was 499 - (178) in second service.

  • Loved the 3rd song (From the Inside Out) – it was very moving.

  • It was very good to see some old friends in service today. Former members - sheep of this flock - about seven of them - came home after being away for awhile. It was like a family reunion. Maybe there will be more.

  • Loved the piano story. I could tell everyone did. To hear the rest of the story check out Renae’s blog.

  • Someone (SG) asked me to never dance again on the stage. I guess doing the “Funky Chicken” was too much.

  • This series through Malachi is being well-received by almost everyone. The ‘strong word’ doesn’t seem to be scaring anyone away.

  • Yes, it’s in the Bible – God really did say “I will spread offal/dung on your faces.” Yes, I really did teach from that passage today (Malachi 2:3). And Yes, I really did say, "That's another way of saying 'I will rub your nose in it.'"

  • Today we learned what the priests did to violate their ministerial covenant (1) Failed to have a heart that honored God (2) Failed to teach God’s Word accurately (3) Showed favoritism in their teaching. This disqualified them from the ministry.

  • Not everyone who is “in” the ministry is actually “qualified” to be there. Also, many who do enter the ministry qualified, often become “disqualified” because of misconduct.

  • Next Sunday we will be talking about the Covenant of Marriage (Malachi 2)

  • Some people have a problem with the miracles Jesus performed when He was on earth. Myself, I would have a problem with a god who could not do supernatural things.

  • The miracles of Jesus were not magic tricks. They were sign to prove He was the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God. i.e., Healing the man on the Sabbath Day demonstrated that He was Lord over tradition. Casting out demons showed that He had authority over evil. Feed 5000 people revealed that He is our great provider. Healing the ten lepers communicates to us that He is the Great Physician. Raising Lazarus from the grave proved that He has authority over death.

  • Why would anyone put their trust in anything else?

  • I'm in the mood for some JACK..... Jack Bauer that is. The season premiere of 24 comes on tonight! Agent Bauer saves the world again.


Cathy said...

Awesome service today!

You and your Jack Bauer! Too funny!

Robert H. said...

i thought your "Funky Chicken" was comical ,at least you didn't break out in your "John Travolta Saturday Night Fever"

John B said...

Go Jack!