Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ushers Meeting & Security Issues

Last Sunday afternoon the ushers met to discuss all duties related to their role at PCC. We talked about providing better service to our guests and members, how to offer assistance to anyone for any need, being familiar with the building and all equipment, as well as anything else they can do to serve our people better.

Topping the list of discussion was ‘security’ in the weekend services. We addressed some important issues and now have clarification on what needs to be done. We emphasized the importance of maintaining a secure environment in the children’s wing for the safety of all children, not allowing strangers to loiter in the atrium, how to handle “characters” in the service, how to handle those who might become disruptive or combative, maintaining a roving patrol throughout the building and in the parking lot, as well as ‘bodyguard’ types in the sanctuary.

To that end, the ushers will be improving our current ‘security systems.’ This is likely to involve additional instruction, training drills for emergencies, and appropriate response plans in the event of a fire, medical emergencies, or an armed intruder.

This is Pace Community Church “at your service.”

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