Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five

Changes in Hospitality. Beginning this Sunday you will notice a change in our display of refreshments in the atrium. We are scaling back significantly – both the volume and variety – and taking it down to coffee, juice, doughnuts, and maybe a little fruit. Downsizing will accomplish several good things for us; it will be less labor intensive for the hospitality team to prepare, less cleanup afterwards, it will mean less mess being tracked into the sanctuary, and it will cut costs. This is all good.

Annual Calendar. We are working on an annual calendar outlining the main events for the year. This will help our staff team to focus on the big picture rather than the next event that is just around the corner. Developing “one heartbeat” is one of the most important parts of developing an effective church staff or leadership team. Too many churches have leadership teams (elders, staff, etc) that are not a team. Rather, they are isolated individualists who are more committed to their specific area than having one heart for the whole mission of the church. A unified calendar (like a unified budget) keeps us working in the same direction rather than pulling apart.

Leadership Development. This year is the year for leadership development at PCC. Of course we are always developing leaders, but want to improve our efforts. We are going big in this matter.

This Sunday’s Sermon. The message title is “A Faithful Remnant” from chapter Malachi 3 and will be very encouraging. God promises to put a “distinction” between those who are His and those who are not. This series through the book of Malachi has been great. A lot of people have communicated to me how edifying it has been. We are going deeper and wider all the time around here.

The Role of Women in the Church. For the last four weeks I’ve been working on a blog series about the role of women in the church. I’ve just about got it finished. I hope to begin posting this series next week. Here’s a clue: There are a few passages in the Bible that are difficult to fully understand, but what is easy to understand is that the Holy Spirit does not distribute spiritual gifts according to gender.

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