Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PCC's Secret Recipe

What is the secret recipe that has helped PCC grow into such a healthy church? What is the key ingredient? Obviously, Jesus.

Beyond that, I would say it’s the humility of the people who serve on our ministry teams. Here’s what I mean: They submit their pride and personal preferences for the betterment of the whole church. No hidden agendas. No hostile takeovers. No "my way or it's the highway" attitudes. Just simple cooperation with one another.

Here’s what it looks like in real time at PCC:
  • Our creative team scratches a finished product, that took hours to create, because it wasn’t the best thing for the worship experience

  • Our band members practice and perform songs they do not personally like, but cooperate with good attitudes because it best supports the message

  • Our volunteer teams have accepted hard correction about the way to lead their teams and do their jobs, make the adjustments, and come back next week even though they are not paid to

  • In our administrative area, we have volunteers who pound away with data entry, preparing the Sunday bulletins, process prayer requests, and visitor follow-up. Most people have no idea about the hard, tedious work they do.

  • Then there are the people who clean the sanctuary, atrium, windows, bathrooms, kitchen, and maintain the campus grounds – and do so cheerfully without pay.

I could go on and on and mention our ushers, hospitality team, children’s teachers, teen teachers, small group leaders, care team, and every other team. But you get the idea. All of these people are masters at being true servants who are clothed in humility.

PCC Team Members, thank you for serving up the good stuff each week with a heavy dose of humility. You are the key ingredient in our recipe that God uses to make our church so special.

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