Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - March 14, 2010

  • Good services today. Attendance was down about 30-35 people due to time-change, a couple of families were traveling out of town, and still a few others were out because of sickness.

  • The people who were in service today seemed to really enjoy themselves. I really love seeing people hang back after the services are over talking to each other, visiting and catching up. It’s like a family reunion.

  • It means something that church people enjoy each others company and fellowship. A lot of churches cannot say that.

  • I’m enjoying the message series through Jonah. Every one of us can see something of ourselves in the story.

  • They beauty of God’s Word is that it never sugar-coats the sins of His people. It always tells the truth because it is the truth.

  • A quote from today: God has an antidote to bad behavior. PAIN. Seeing the light is wonderful, but feeling the pain is motivational.

  • Enjoyed telling the story about the liberal preacher who tried to discredit the book of Jonah. I’ve told it a couple of times before, and it always works because you don’t see the punch line coming.

  • I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from this series. It is really prompting some in-depth conversations among the members in our church family too.

  • There were some nice comments on Facebook today:

  • Christa said: I thought church was awesome today!!! I sooooo relate to the story of Jonah!!! I have run from God and felt like I was in the belly of a beast, only to be spit out and RESTORED, by the power of the Holy Spirit!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  • Carole said: Great music and worship today. I was sitting out in the atrium today after finishing in the kitchen waiting on Shelby. I finally got it about Jonah, God put Jonah in the whale to get his attention so he could talk to him. Then when God was through talking to him, God let Jonah out of the whale. Hope God doesn't need to put me in a whale to talk to me. Thanks Ronnie you preach so we can understand God’s Word.

  • Rose said: I agree with you Carole - I'm hoping I don't need something that major for God to get my attention! And also thanks Ronnie...I've learned sooooo much since coming to PCC - you are an awesome leader and teacher!

  • I think the main reason people learn is because THEY WANT TO and their heart is OPEN to the Word.

  • I heard a good tithing testimony today. One man told Gene (our admin pastor) that after hearing the Malachi series he decided to take God up on the “test Me” challenge. He is self-employed and ran out of work, becoming unemployed. So he started tithing off anything that came into his hands and within a couple of weeks his business rebounded, work started coming in, and he’s making full-time wages again.

  • God is true to His Word.

  • Yesterday (Saturday) was a good day for me. Got up at 5:30 am after nine hours sleep. Drank some coffee and did a little reading. Then took a morning run – I ran for one hour straight – which is monumental for me. When I started running back in October I couldn’t run 2-3 minutes. Did a lot of yard work too; planted some tomato plants, and enlarged the front patio for some outdoor living spaces.

  • When you're being crucified, do what Jesus did on the Cross: Talk to the Father and quote scripture

  • I heard that the new Matt Damon movie, Green Zone, is good. Might go watch it.

  • My oldest son and daughter in-law are buying their first home. They are supposed to close March 31. It’s a brand new home and very nice.

  • I read about 12-15 blogs each day. Some are real good. Other are real quacks. There are some mean people out there.

  • Unite Family Picnic & Easter Egg Hunt on the last Wednesday of the month.

  • I think PCC is a good church and enjoy belonging to it.

  • It didn’t get dark today until almost 7:00 PM. I love long days.

  • Going to get up tomorrow morning very early and take a long run.

  • Our church is going to be building a storage shed out back pretty soon and purchasing a large commercial mower to maintain the campus ground with.

  • I think that 2010 is going to be a bust-out year for us. A lot of good things are happening at PCC.

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