Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Off the Cuff...

Okay. I admit it. I’ve been on a two-day hiatus from blogging. I have been overwhelmed in busyness and simply have not had the time. Plus I have been very tired. I try to post something every single day, and have been doing so since 2008, but sometimes other matters need my attention. Writers block is not a problem for me; it’s getting to the computer that prevents me from posting.

Let’s begin with last Sunday’s Services… Sunday Mind Dump – April 25, 2010

  • It was a laid back kind of day. The mood felt relaxed. Really enjoyed the vibe.
  • Three of the four songs we sang today were written by band members (Jonathan & Renae).
  • Less pressure and anxiety on the stage with the smaller band. Much easier to coordinate with other musicians when there are fewer of us. A sixteen-member band is big, and can be wobbly at times; sometimes it even turns into a runaway train and gets too loud.
  • Gene T. made some readjustments on the soundboard Saturday night and it really made a difference.
  • Attendance was 462 – not too bad.
  • Looking at the communication cards after church, it appears three people made a commitment to God.
  • Sunday’s message - The Certain Doom of False Teachers – came from 2 Peter chapter 2. This chapter is considered one of the most terrible in the Bible because of the doom and destruction it pronounces upon people who misrepresent God.
  • One man came up to me after service and said (twice) “I am very glad to call you my pastor.” I’m not sure why he said that or where that came from – either the message or something I’ve done recently – but was glad to hear it and it greatly encouraged me (especially after such a difficult text).
  • There were also some very nice comments on Facebook about me and the Sunday services at PCC; which were encouraging too.
  • Ran 4 miles yesterday morning just after daylight. The weather was fabulous with the cold front that has moved in – in the low 50s – which made the run very enjoyable.
  • I have to run slower than my natural pace-step because of joint pain, etc. By running slow I am able to make the distance without suffering too much pain or a lengthy recovery afterwards. I usually pick up the pace to a sprint at the last half mile for a good calorie burn.
  • Ran 2 this morning.
  • Took Monday off. Spent the day mowing a piece of property that Renae and I own. Then went by my mother’s house for a visit. Did a lot of work in the garden at home too.

Looking Ahead….

  • We have some pretty exciting plans ahead for the remainder of this year at PCC.
  • I am very hopeful about the potential of our children’s ministry, teen ministry, Sunday services, and discipleship development.
  • I am proud of our church (in a good way). Love our people and their dedication.
  • I have some leadership concerns about PCC too. Will be writing about it soon.

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