Friday, April 9, 2010

This Sunday

It takes enormous amounts of energy, creativity, commitment, time, money, and preparation to pull off a worship service each week that will feed God’s people, attract visitors and focus them on Jesus. We do this 52 Sundays a year – not just for Easter and Christmas – but every Sunday.

Easter has come and gone. It’s now behind us. But the rest of the year is still before us. That’s why this Sunday will be just as great at PCC as last Sunday. We will be offering what we always offer – excellence in worship, service to one another in brotherly kindness, and ministry of the Word.

We begin a new message series this weekend from the book of 2 Peter entitled “Transformed by Truth.” We will travel verse-by-verse through this powerful book and its truths can transform your life.

Together we will learn that God’s has already given full provision to the believer making our salvation complete. Christians cannot claim that their sins and failures are the result of God’s limited provision; they are the result of not walking in the truth.

We will also learn about counterfeit teachings, three sins of false spiritual leaders, the necessity of growing in the Word of God, last days scoffers, several Old Testament stories, the certainty of Christ’s Second Coming, and the certain doom of false teachers.

This is going to be awesome!

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Can't wait!!!