Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Info...

Crime Prevention Conference - Fourteen men from PCC (from within the ushers department) have gone to a church conference/seminar today in Pensacola.; in fact, they are attending right now. This seminar is on crime prevention, security, and emergency response plans for churches in the event of an armed intruder, etc. Though our church has paid for the event, many of these men have taken time off from their jobs to attend this training event together. I am proud of them for doing so, and it speaks volumes to me about how seriously they take their role at PCC and how much they love their church. I really hope they enjoy their time together.

Last Night Teen Meeting – There were over 100 at last nights teen meeting; 86 youth and the balance in adult leaders. Amazing. All the components fit together to make this happen; primarily a team of outstanding adult leaders who excel in this kind of role. It simply could not happen without them and their dedication.

Lawn Mower Delivered – Our new ExMark lawn mower was delivered to PCC last night about 6:30 PM. It is one nice piece of machinery. Fire truck red. It shines like a new car. It screams testosterone. About 13 guys gathered around to take a look at her. We are very happy that we have been able to make this investment.

This Sunday’s Message – Looking forward to preaching the truths from 2 Peter chapter 2 this weekend. It’s about false spiritual leaders. I’ve been wrestling with the text, and thought I had it in a sleeper hold, but God is winning. I will be limping this Sunday.

Just Wondering – We have an overheard projector stashed away in one of our closets at PCC. It’s a leftover from the days at Freedom Hall at Pace High School. Here’s my question – Do they even make overheard projectors anymore?

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Cathy said...

Yes, they still make overhead projectors. They come in real handy when the bulb in your digital projector dies and the new bulb only lasts two weeks...I'm just speaking from current experience!

Can't use my Smartboard or my advanced technology in my classroom because they only function when the digital projector does. So I'm going old school with an overhead until it's all fixed. LOL!