Friday, April 16, 2010

A Very Busy Day

It was a beehive of activity at the church again today. People were all over the place working, volunteering, serving, and practicing – all in preparation for Sunday. The new shed got painted, final cleaning in the building is completed, bulletins are ready to go, music is selected and the chord charts prepared, power point for sermon is finished, the carpet got cleaned, and sanctuary chairs got put back into place. We all shared breakfast together this morning just before everyone got started.

I left the office about 2:00 PM to make a hospital visit. After that I went to Seville Power Equipment to make the purchase for the new mower. This thing is a beast It's just like the one in the picture - except with a wider deck (72"). It will be delivered to PCC next Wednesday. Can’t wait. It’s really going to make a difference for the volunteers who serve in this area.

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