Friday, May 14, 2010

Around PCC...

  • The current series (Transformed by Truth) continues this Sunday. The message title is “The Certainty of Christ’s Coming” – based on 2 Peter 3:1-10. One more message after this and the series is over.

  • The next message series will probably be from the OT, the book of Ester. It’s an amazing story. God used this woman to save an entire nation. The title or theme of the series will be “Seeing God at Work in Your Circumstances.”

  • New security standards are being implemented for all age-level workers, staff, chaperones, and volunteers. This means updating our files, having all workers fill out an application of eligibility, conducting a background check, and attending a training session. This will begin happening this month and be concluded in June.

  • We are going to experiment with making a few changes in the Order of Service on Sundays. We will welcome guests, make a few announcements and receive the offering during the song service. This should make our giving more meaningful by keeping it connected as an act of worship, rather than as a tack-on at the end of service. It will also help me in regards to preaching; when the song service is over I can simply step up and go straight to the message without having to ramble on for ten minutes with announcements. The end of service will be different too – the band will not come back to do a closing number. I will pray, say “amen” and service will be dismissed. We’re going to give this a try, and if it benefits us, we’ll continue. If it flops, we’ll go back.

  • Changes in the band. Recently we have been using a smaller band and it has been working pretty good. It’s so much easier to manage; especially in regards to audio/technical. Plus, band rehearsals are more effective. We are going to continue operating this way for the next little while, and making some changes in the schedule too. I think the new schedule will be something like this: one group of singers will be on for one month, then the next group of singers will be on for one month, etc. Trust me, having this kind of consistency will greatly reduce audio difficulties and will better establish team cohesion.

  • We also have some big plans for summer and fall. It's going to be an exciting year at PCC!

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