Friday, May 28, 2010

Time to Reorganize and Restructure

To remain effective, growing churches need a new structure about very 45% of growth. As a church grows its internal systems get overwhelmed, people burn out, and ministry effectiveness goes down. What that means for PCC is this: What worked well for us when we were running 50 people did not work very well when we reached 100 people, so we had to change. When we reached 200, the way we were operating at 100 was no longer effective, so we had to change. Now that PCC keeps bumping 500 in attendance (and sometimes goes over), our old paradigm needs to change

Getting over the 500-attendance threshold is a very critical time in the life-cycle for churches of our size. What a church does at this stage determines its future. Either we make the necessary changes (to our programs, ministries, policies, personnel, and leadership) to break through the 500 barrier so we can reach more people for Christ and disciple them, or either we let the small church mentality keep us where we are and continue the current cycle.

We have simply outgrown our current models for operation. So we are rethinking some things. In fact, everything needs to be put on the drawing board right now:

• My role and leadership style has to change
• The role of our staff has to change
• The way our church is led…..
• Our ability to assimilate new people into our church family is under scrutiny
• We need a new web site with better features
• We are reevaluating our small groups’ ministry
• We are considering changing the times of our Sunday morning services
• Changes in the band are being made
• Changes in the order of service are in effect
• Ministry areas are being expanded with new departments added
• We are considering a church-wide spiritual-growth campaign in the fall
• Key roles are changing and new assignments are being given
• New polices are being written
• We are going to establish goals and time lines for accomplishing them
• We are going to clarify our mission and chisel out a unique identity
• We are going to lead this church as if it is twice its current size
• Kill non-producing budget items to create room for outreach & discipleship strategies
• Develop and mentor new leaders who buy into the vision
• Teach tithing, giving, and generosity more often
• Ask God for souls and growing disciples, and prepare ourselves to receive them
• Motivate new people to invite their network and friendship circles to attend PCC

The biggest hindrance to future success is PAST success. Because something worked in the past, the tendency is to keep doing the same thing believing it will bring success in the future. Not always so. Times change. The context changes. Churches change.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over & over again and expecting new results.


Old Milltown Storage said...

How/What can we do now that we will eventually do 5 years from now?

Ron said...

James, good question. I'm not sure what the answer is; that's why we are rethinking.

Got any ideas?