Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Would Not be PCC if not for...

Let me state up front that nobody (even me) is indispensable to Pace Community Church. But to me, it just wouldn’t be PCC without….

• Seeing Wayne, Beth, Larry, Paul, Calvin and Evelyn and others mowing the grass and maintaining our church grounds each week to ensure our grounds are well-maintained
• Reading Facebook each Sunday afternoon and seeing the nice comments by Susan, Mike, Christa, Beverly, and others who talk so favorably about our church
• Depending on Gene who does anything and everything that needs to be done to make my job easier, not to mention all the regular responsibilities assigned to him in his job description.
• Counting on Ron, Carole, Robert, Austin, Kennedy, and Evelyn who serve in hospitality ensuring that our members and guests are well-served
• Seeing Robert, Donnie, Jeff, John, Lou, and so many others who serve in our ushers department; it gives me peace of mind and assurance just knowing that this area of our church is completely covered without direct supervision from me simply because capable men are “handling it”
• Counting on Renae, Sandra, Renee, DJ, Wade, Mike, Robert, Alex B., Greg, Alex C., Greg, Cameron, Martha, Jonathan, Taylor, and Shelby to pull off excellent singing and authentic worship in our services
• Watching Lori, Robert, Rose, and so many other who serve as greeters on Sunday morning
• Knowing that Sherri, Sidney, Sherry, Connie, Trish, and Sandy who are always faithful at our Welcome Center
• Absolutely depending Paul W., Brad H. Brad U., Bruce, John, Clayton, Paul T., and Patrick who serve on our audio and visual technical teams
• Knowing that Mom, Phyllis, Paul, Daniel, Butch, Bill, and Sharon will show up to church each Friday to clean the building. What that does for me and the rest of our senior staff I cannot fully describe
• Listening to the band (all volunteers) practice songs before people arrive for the Sunday services
• Knowing that Kim, Ray, Larry, Sharon, Ron, Carole, Buddy, Mary, and others are ALWAYS there for our 101 Seminars
• Having the assurance that Dottie, Barbara, Richelle, Kristy, Brian, Denise, Rick, Scott, and so many other are going to be found at their post of duty on Sunday mornings teaching our children and providing a safe environment for them
• Seeing teenagers hang out at PCC on Sunday afternoon long after the services are over
• And so many others that I don’t have the space to mention……

Let me conclude by saying that PCC is full of UNSUNG HEROES! I notice and appreciate them all. It is a joy to be your pastor.

PS - Yes, I know. I am not mentioning everyone. That's only because my brain if fried right now and it's getting harder to think.


christa collins said...

We appreciate YOU too!!!

Louie said...


I concur with Crista, we appreciate your leadership as our Paster and FRIEND and all that you do for your PCC family.

Brad Huber said...

This is from May 2nd posting. I love working in the sound booth. It is like a ministry for me. I know others in the booth feel the same way. We will make you sound good Ron! Oh by the way. I am requesting you have Gene make a video slide for the overhead screens. We can click on it when you say. "You know what this is? This is Good preaching!"

Thank You for acknowledging us

Ron said...


Thanks for your encouragement.