Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump (On Monday Night)

Here is the Sunday Mind Dump I started Sunday afternoon before I was pulled away by a very serious emergency that affected a family in our church. Renae and I (as well as a few others) have been with this family at the hospital for the last two days. I’m posting what I started, as is, with no edits. It is shorter than normal as a result.

  • Thanks for stopping by! This blog is simply an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, to be transparent, and describe what God is doing in my life.

  • We had a very good day at church. It was simple, easy, laid back, and to the point.

  • I think it was one of the best communion services we’ve ever had. The theme for today’s communion service was Let Us Remember. It was perfect for Memorial Day weekend.

  • Some really nice comments on Facebook about the service. I’m very thankful that so many people love their church as much as they do.

  • The ushers did a good job serving – their timing was perfect in both services.

  • The song selection was about as good as it gets – perfect for communion.

  • We said goodbye to Alex & Cindy Buell in a farewell reception. They are a military couple who are being transferred to Seattle Washington. We will feel their loss.

  • Alex & Cindy came to PCC 2 ½ years ago which was a very critical time for us. Our ten-year hiccup had just begun and no sooner had certain people walked out the door that God was sending others in just as quickly. Alex and Cindy were once such couple sent by God to our church and I marveled at God’s faithfulness to provide in the hour of need. They are dedicated followers of Christ, have been faithful servants at PCC, and have been an enormous asset to our church. They will be missed.

  • What kind of church do you think PCC is?

  • Churches have to make a choice between being a FORTRESS or an OASIS.

  • A fortress church only takes care of their own; they stay away from the big bad world out there; let evangelism take care of itself; and sort of hunker down with a siege mentality from the safety of their fort.

  • An oasis church is different. An oasis church is exists as a light on a hill – a beacon in the darkness, an oasis in the desert. It’s there for the hurting, the outcast, and those searching for answers. All are welcome. All can find healing.

  • I’m thankful that PCC is more of an oasis church than a fortress church.


Unknown said...

Pastor Ron, you and Renae are two of the primary reasons that PCC IS an oasis. Thank you for being the pastor that you are. Bruce and I are blessed to belong to a community like Pace Community Church.

Ron said...

What a nice thing to say. Thank you.