Saturday, June 26, 2010

What I Blog About... and Why

I use this blog to mainly communicate five subject matters:

(1) Personal information. Most of this information is totally useless, but some people find it interesting. Sometimes it is humorous. It rates high on the response list because people like to know what is going on with their pastor and I’m glad to share. Sometimes I am probably too transparent. In fact, there have been several times that I have posted a blog and then have removed it because it was too transparent, too revealing, or inflammatory. For me, it is very important to be authentic – but sometimes I go too far. Just chalk it up to me being a regular guy.

(2) PCC related topics. This includes upcoming events, past events, or current events. Sometimes I’ll talk about new initiatives, structural or staff changes, or special events. It’s another way of communicating what going on at PCC; something we don’t always have time to do on Sunday mornings. This blog is an important communication tool about PCC and I wish more people would take advantage of the communiqué’s found here.

(3) Leadership Principles. For me personally, as well as vocationally, leadership is a big issue. It is a gift that comes from God. Pastors and other church leaders must learn to be better (and more effective) as leaders. Exercising leadership is not easy, but it must be done. I write about this topic often, even though most people don’t find it to be of much interest. But for the people who do have an interest in leadership principles, thes blogs are very helpful.

(4) Devotionals. These are short, Biblically based insights from God’s Word. This area seems to generates the fewest comments. I suppose the Sunday sermon, small groups, and personal Bible study habits meets the need more than my devotionals do.

(5). Doctrinal teachings. Okay. This is another area that I am very passionate about. I have more to teach than I am able to address on Sunday mornings, so this blog gives me an outlet to talk about other (and just as equally important) doctrinal matters. Whether you know it or not, doctrine is very, very important. It’s important to God, and it’s important to a local church in order to maintain spiritual health and to resist false teachers. As the senior pastor of PCC I am responsible for teaching doctrine. I am also charged with exposing false doctrine. Strangely enough, blogs on doctrine seem to be only of marginal interest to members at PCC (generating only a few comments), but generating a lot of hate mail from others who do not attend PCC. I use this blog as a platform to teach members of PCC - not those people who don't. If you are a member of PCC, you should take a deep interest doctrine. It’s that important.

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