Friday, June 4, 2010

New Series: Ruth - Hanging Tough in Tough Times

The book of Ruth begins with a famine, three deaths, & widowhood – and ends with the birth of a baby. In this remarkable story God reveals His heart for women and teaches us many lessons:

• God deepens and equips us through suffering
• God works in mysterious ways
• God’s providence and provision
• God calls men and women to partner together in serving Him.

The book of Ruth is a very old book. The events took place over three thousand years ago (1000 years before Christ). Yet it is still relevant for us today. In its pages we see human suffering, sexuality, racial distinctions, faith, and the sovereignty of God. This remarkable woman shows us what it means to maintain faith and to obey God in spite of life’s hard consequences.

The first message in this series is WHEN LIFE IS NOT FAIR and begins this Sunday. If you know anyone who is hurting, experiencing pain, or wrestling with unanswered questions, bring them to Pace Community Church. They will find healing in Christ.

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