Monday, June 28, 2010

Some 411

  • Yesterday was a good day at church. Good things are happening at PCC. Attendance in the second service was higher than normal – a good thing to see.

  • The morning message was the fourth (and final) part of the series based on the book of Ruth. It was an excellent journey and a lot of people rated this series very high.

  • A lot of good reports have come in over the last four weeks too. Two people said to me yesterday how much they enjoy coming to PCC, specifically mentioning how much they enjoy actually learning what the Bible says.

  • Facebook is usually buzzing with good comments about PCC. Always enjoy seeing that.

  • Spent the last two days involved with a family funeral. I must say that I enjoyed seeing some relatives and kinfolk who I haven’t seen in many years – it was kind of fun to catch up.

  • After the funeral today, we (mom, my sister Rhonda, Renae, and myself) went to the home of my grandmother to reminisce. She’s been gone for years – since about 1980. Her home is abandoned now and is barely standing; it must have been built 100 years ago. As I looked in through a broken window at the interior of the house, it brought back a flood of memories. I even found my initials inscribed (scored) on the chimney from the 1970s. We took a picture of ourselves standing in front of the place. Felt good to do that.

  • Renae and I have made the decision to sell our house here in Pace. We are now upgrading everything to get it ready for showing. We own five acres off Berryhill Rd and would like to build there – an empty nest home. Last week I had a water meter installed in preparation for an eventual move.

  • Recently on this blog I have written about Free Will, What it Means to be Chosen, and Predestination. I will resume on these topics again.

  • Thinking about Ruth again – One pinch of God’s favor can beat fifty years of hard labor.

  • Take care of what God has already given you, and He will be sure to take care of what is about to to give you.

  • Forget about your past. Your future is spotless.

  • Church styles and man's theologies change all the time. God’s purposes remain the same for every generation. Psalms 33:11

  • You can impress people from a distance. But you can only influence them from up close.

  • God considers the depth of your repentance, not the depth of your sin, when deciding how he uses you. See Isaiah 57:15

  • When a church stalls in its growth, 99% of the time the causes are due to factors inside the church, not outside it.

  • The US Government has spent $1 TRILLION on recovery (and bailouts to big business), and we STILL HAVE high unemployed. What if they'd given it as tax relief to small businesses instead? Just asking.

  • Some people just want to belong so much... that they try too hard.

  • Who we truly are eventually manifests itself. It may take time or stress or illness as the trigger, but what’s inside us tends to come out. Our character serves as the wellspring from which our behavior emerges.

  • Will be writing as much as possible this week.

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