Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday at PCC

Tomorrow will be a great day a Pace Community Church. Believers will gather in corporate worship to honor God; we will humble ourselves before Him. Unchurched people will be encouraged. We will honor God by remembering the Lord's Day; giving Him the first part of the first day of the week. The music will be uplifing. The series through the book of Ruth continues. Tomorrow's message: GOD CAN TURN IT ALL AROUND.

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Louie said...

What a legacy BP is leaving our young children to deal with when they are adults. My two young girls will be young adults before this mess is completely cleaned up. No one really knows how long the devastation will last to the marine life in our area. It may never again be as good as it was. It will take a mircle from God to prevent complete devastation to this area.