Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - Father's Day - June 20, 2010

  • We had a very good day. I love speaking to a packed house. Attendance was about normal, even though there were a lot of new faces and visitors. A lot of our regular members were away on summer travel, etc, so that the influx of guests for Father’s Day didn’t take us over the top.

  • We introduced two new songs in the second set. They were moving and meaningful, as well as well-done. I think I seen some people crying during the song service. At least two people walked forward to get tissue to take back to their chairs. It’s good to belong to a church where the services are so moving that people are moved to tears. This is clearly a GOD THING.

  • I love it when a lot of unchurched and irreligious types are in the house. There are there because God has drawn them, their hearts are open and receptive, and the Word always finds its target like a well-aimed arrow.

  • We unpacked some great truths from Ruth chapter 3 today. Had a lot of fun with Ruth going to the threshing floor in the middle of the night to “uncover Boaz’s feet.” As I looked across the congregation I could tell that people were riveted to the story… to God’s Word… which is always a good thing.

  • I have received a lot of positive feedback from the Ruth series.

  • Today we talked about finding the fingerprint of God in our lives. Even when it seems like God is not there, He is. We are always under His gaze. And if we look hard enough, we can see traces of His handiwork in our circumstances.

  • In the first service, I saw a guy standing in the back who I did not recognize. He just stood there for the entire sermon. I was a little freaked out and it distracted me for a while. I thought, “What is he doing just standing there?” At some point I relaxed and figured he was looking for someone who was already seated. Besides, I knew our security personnel could handle him if they needed to.

  • Yesterday evening (Saturday) Renae and I went for a boat ride with Robert & Joyce Hughes on their pontoon boat. We put Blackwater River at 4:30 PM. Boated our way to downtown Milton, docked at the boardwalk, and walked up to a restaurant called Blackwater Bistro and had a nice dinner together. After dinner we took a leisurely ride upstream. It was very nice. But then we got caught in a squall. I mean a squall! It started raining, lightening, and blowing. The wind must have been 40 mph because it was driving the rain horizontal. We raced back to Milton and tied off on the dock near the bridge. Then we hid under the bridge for an hour & ½ shivering in the rain to escape the lightening. I thought Lightening was striking all around and the thunder was very loud. I thought I was going to meet Jesus any minute. Then we started telling each other stories of lightening strikes we have seen, or other electrocution incidents. It only added to the drama. It was quite an experience…. and a lot of fun, actually.

  • I am still not eating sugar. This is not a fast. It is a new way of living. I have lost fifteen pounds, sleep better, and my food cravings are under control. The VOLUME at which most Americans eat sugar is actually POISON. Read the labels; avoid white processed foods, and all sweetened beverages. You’ll be the better for it.

  • I would like to lose ten more pounds. This would much healthier for me.

  • It’s time to me to make another visit to the doctor for a general check up. I haven’t been in about four years. Need to have my blood pressure and cholesterol checked.

  • Back to church-related matters. Did you know that a lot of people attend PCC who would NEVER set foot in another church? While I recognize that we are not a perfect church (and we don’t do things like other churches do), what we ARE doing WORKS for a lot of people. i.e., They come to church and experience God-honoring vertically-focused worship (that is well done), and they hear a clear, concise message from God’s Word. Then there is the amazing fellowship that takes place among our church family. No one is pressured to do cart-wheels, somersaults, or emote in front of a room full of strangers. No one has to pledge their allegiance to a set of denominational creeds or confessions of faith. Rather, they hear God’s Word and it either takes hold (is grafted) or either it does not. Our church is full of people who are mature believers, growing believers, new believers, and not-yet believers (seekers). What’s not to like about that?

  • Today I talked about the difference between being a person of faith and a religious person. Big difference.

  • Carole Bryant said this on Facebook about today’s service: "Great service today, who ever said the Bible was boring is crazy we were glued to our chairs. Talked to a lady today that came last week for the first time, she said she wasn't going to come but felt something was drawing her to come. When she got to church and heard the message, she said that message was for her, she also said PCC is a very comfortable place to be."

  • God’s plan for our lives are much greater than OUR plans for our lives. Wait until you hear Ruth chapter 4.

  • God is not looking for our advice. He is looking for our submission and availability.

  • Jesus didn’t die on the cross to simply establish a behavior modification program. He died in order to bring the dead back to life. You know, so sinners could inherit eternal life.

  • The book of Ruth is mainly about the woman Ruth, but is told primarily from Naomi’s point of view. I’m loving this story and especially like seeing how God moved in their circumstances.


Christa said...

I am one who is 'LOVING' the book of Ruth!! It has a meaning to me that only I know... It is funny and amazing all at the same time!!! You are doin a great job with it!! I think I am gonna have to read ahead, though, I can't wait til Sunday to find out what happens!! Thanks Ron for doin YOU so well!!

Ron said...

Thank you very much for the encouragment!