Monday, June 14, 2010

Update: Cameron Patterson

Just talked to Ray Patterson, the father of Cameron who was in the motorcycle accident sixteen days ago. Cameron is now out of a coma. The ventilator has been removed from his throat, and he is breathing on his own.

It gets better.

He is actually talking now, though it is only in whisper because his throat is sore. He has his eyesight, his wits, and some memory of the accident. He is acknowledging the mercy of God and is asking his parents to pray for him before they leave the room after their visit.

Each visit today showed improvements.

There is likely to be some rehabiliation in his future, but there is a real miracle here. Not only did he survive the accident, he is now 'coming back.'



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We serve an amazing God. One who is loving and compassionate to those who would call out to Him in faith. Ray and Linda showed many their amazing faith in the face of this tragedy. They kept their eyes upon the Lord Jesus Christ. What a testimony! God always has the final Word. Everyone is praising our Lord for this MIRACLE! Thank you Pastor for the update...Love DJ