Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I Want From My Church

  • What I want is a safe environment that is simple at to the point

  • I want a church that is filled with people who love God and enjoy each others company

  • I don’t want people yelling at me from the pulpit all the time

  • I don’t’ want to be forced to attend a bunch of meetings to talk about things I am not interested in

  • Life is too short, so I want to develop long-lasting relationships with people I enjoy connecting with

  • Sometimes I want an in-depth Bible study or rousing discussion on the Great Commission and reaching the lost. But there are other times when I don’t want to attend a Bible study. I just want to talk about guitar, bike riding, current events, or the BP oil disaster

  • Sometimes I just want to hang out with other believers, drink coffee, and vegetate

  • I need a church that will improve my life, not burden it

  • I want a church that will not wear me out, drain me dry, and then leave me hanging

  • I need a church that actually helps me

  • That means that I don’t want to leave church feeling like I have been beat up. The world is already demanding enough, so I need a worship service and Christian friends that are a place of refuge.

  • I want my finances in order, my kids trained, and my wife happy

  • I want friends who are a delight to be with, and who can provide me and my family with protection should life become difficult for us one day

  • I want a church I can stay in for years

  • I don’t want surprises, secrets, or sex scandals from my church

  • I want a church that is not having a split every other year, or one that keeps itself alive by stealing sheep from other churches

  • I don’t think this is too much to ask, because I have found it at Pace Community Church. What I experience there is friendship, community, fellowship, and it’s one of the ways God meets some of my deepest needs.

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