Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Five

1. This Sundays Message: A Living Sacrifice & the Heart of Worship. Based on Romans 12:1-2. We will learn what a living sacrifice is, what the heart of worship is, and the three areas of our lives that God requires we surrender to His will. Only then can we become an acceptable offering to Him.

2. Will be starting a new series soon. I’m working on something I am going to simply call “Rabbi.”

3. For the last two weeks our house has been being repainted. The whole inside. It was a big job. Donnie Smith did the painting – excellent work. Renae and I have moved a ton of junk in and out, and from place to place. Everything we own is piled up in the garage. The painting was just finished yesterday. Now we get to put everything back. Oh, joy. Think we’ll have a giant garage sale Saturday.

4. The church building is full of people today. The regular Friday crew has come to clean, set up, etc. About twelve people. This is always the last push in preparation for Sunday. Couldn’t do it without these great workers.

5. Rethinking Our Future. The biggest hindrance to future success is PAST success. Because something worked in the past, the tendency is to keep doing the same thing in the present believing it will bring success in the future. Not always so. Times change. Churches change. The context changes. We're putting a lot of things on the drawing board right now.

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