Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Service - September 12th

BAPTISM SUNDAY - One service that day

Sunday September 12th is Baptism Sunday. WE ARE HAVING ONLY ONE SERVICE THAT DAY. Both services will be combined into one. THE TIME WILL BE 10:00 AM. About 25 people are currently signed up to be baptized, and there will probably be more by then. There will be NO AGE-LEVEL CLASSES OFFERED THAT DAY, (i.e., pre-k, elementary, middle & high school). All children and teens will be in the sanctuary to celebrate the ordinance of baptism with the PCC family. NURSERY WILL BE AVAILABLE and the nursery staff is preparing for this. There are matters of logistics that make this format much easier for us to pull off. More to the point, I think it is essential that all our children and teenagers witness this important event by being integrated into the main life of the church (especially for something like this).

It’s going to be a great day. We are going to celebrate together, clap our hands, shout out loud, and sing our hearts out. There are some amazing stories behind every person who is going to be baptized. A lot of video will be shot that day too.

Here’s how it’s going to play out: The Sunday before (September 5th) I will take a break from the Nehemiah series and teach on the importance of baptism. I will do this in both services. This message should answer any questions that people have about water baptism. Additionally, it will be a perfect opportunity for me to make an appeal for people to commit their lives to Christ. THIS WILL BE A GOOD SUNDAY TO GET YOUR UNCHURCHED FRIENDS TO CHURCH WITH YOU. The message will be biblically based making the importance of baptism very clear. I will also be extending a strong invitation for people to receive Christ in both services.

The following Sunday - baptism Sunday (September 12th) - there will be no preaching. We will have our normal song service and welcome guests. After that, we will go directly into baptism. IT’S GOING TO BE FANTASTIC!

Between now and then, be on a soul-winning mission. If you will do this, you can see your friends baptized that day.

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