Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - August 1, 2010

  • SLAMMED! That is the word that describes my life right now. I’ve been slammed on every front, and to say my life is beyond crazy right now would be the understatement of the year. When it rains it pours. There is almost more on my plate than I can take care of.

  • I’ll be fixing that real soon.

  • It is a very busy season at PCC right now for everyone.

  • The building is decorated really cool for VBS (that begins tomorrow night). All the workers (about 40 of them) spent the afternoon creating a perfect kids environment. Come up and check it out.

  • Today was a good day at PCC.

  • The teenagers got back from Student Life Camp Saturday evening. It was great to see them all across the front row this morning. A couple of the guys had on hats that were pretty cute. I think it’s a good thing when so many young people love Jesus and their church so much that they will walk in making a statement.

  • Attendance was back up from a slight July slump. Looks like vacation and summer travel is coming to an end. It always feels good when attendance is full.

  • After first service everyone hung around for more than thirty minutes in the atrium until after the second service actually began. I think that is really neat. It means people love hanging out together and catching up with one another. It means we actually ‘like’ each other. It means there is a certain buzz or vibe about PCC that is contagious.

  • I must say, the people in the second service are crazy! Although attendance is lower the energy in the place is awesome. They lift their hands, shout out loud, clap, laugh, take notes, and enjoy themselves; and it really shows. This makes it very easy for me to preach. What I mean is I can get out of “teach” mode and get into “preach” mode. There is a difference, you know.

  • From Nehemiah chapter 4 we talked about being “Steadfast in the Face of Opposition.” We learned that prayer should always be our first response, that intensified opposition sometimes calls for an intensified response on our part, and that being spiritual and practical go hand-in-hand.

  • We had a lot of visitors today. Glad to see it.

  • But there was one exception. Why is it that some people will visit our church for their very first time and feel led to tell me what to do? I asked him, “Do I look like somebody who doesn’t know what he is doing?” He probably won’t be back. Just saying…

  • We are putting some things on the drawing board right now. An overhaul is in our future. You may recall that I wrote a brief blog series earlier this summer on “Rethinking” our church in regards to leadership, church programs, volunteers, organization & structure. We still have top-of-mind awareness about doing this. We are looking at all programs and evaluating them.

  • As a church we have to get back to the business at hand. We’re going to be getting back to the basics. I think a little mission drift has set in – and it is my fault – so I intended to fix it. I’m going to remind everyone what our ‘main thing’ is and then ensure that we keep the main thing the main thing.

  • How about the flute player today? Awesome is all I can say to that. Here name is Taylor. Next time you see her, tell her what a great job she did. It was a very nice new element in our song service.

  • How about the bass player today? His name is Cameron. He is one of two that we have. I thought he did an exceptional job today as well. He gets better all the time. In fact, I even looked over at him 2 or 3 times today to steal a look – he was just that good.

  • It does my heart good to see young people living for God and using their talents for God – whether on the stage, cleaning our building, teaching a class, serving as volunteers in the children’s ministry area, or simply living for God in their daily life and being a good witness for Christ.

  • All for God’s glory…


Jewel Christian said...

Now that is one...COOL PICTURE...of you & Tommy.

Louie said...

The sermon Sunday solidified somethings I learned at Student Life Camp last week with regard to my response to situations I'm currently facing at work and in my daily walk with God. It never ceases to amaze me how God does that.